Challenge needed to create lead generation campaigns to provide warm leads of potential tertiary students interested in studying a variety of courses at educational institutions throughout the UK. Interested students had to be from EU countries only and match six specific criteria points set by the client.



  • Fact-finding into the client’s service offering, including benefits to students, and their established sales funnel.

  • Consultation to learn the objectives for lead generation activity and the metrics for success. 

  • Discussion of the challenges and results in previous lead generation activity.

  • Collation of anonymised customer data to aid advertising campaign targeting.


Social Media Advertising Campaigns

  • created a purpose-built brand from which to launch social advertising campaigns across Facebook and Instagram in seven EU countries.

  • Lead generation advertisements gained the attention of interested students, who then completed an online form that included specific opt-in elements for GDPR compliance.

Lead Delivery

  • All leads generated were for the client’s specific needs and for their exclusive use only.

  • Leads contained eight pre-agreed data points for validity and more effective conversion rates.

  • Leads were uploaded directly to the client’s CRM.

  • Leads were considered ‘very warm’ thanks to the the quality and immediacy of the data captured.


  • Weekly business reviews allowed the client to update with their conversion results.

  • pivoted its campaigns accordingly to ensure optimal generation of leads.

Results delivered 2,863 qualified leads of students wishing to study in the UK over the course of the nine-month campaign.

“We chose to work with over our previous supplier as their leads were bespoke – generated to our specifications and just for our use. Their leads had more data points and were pre-sorted. Leads rejected by us were always replaced free of charge. The price per lead was 50% cheaper than with any of our previous suppliers, but the quality was far superior.”

Colin Marklew

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