Recoversell has a unique technology and process that helps brands convert up to 30% of the abandoned sales from their online checkout, call centre or automated order system into actual sales revenue. They came to for an on-brand PowerPoint deck that explained their solution clearly and simply. It also needed to display a case study and testimonials.


We needed to fully understand the client’s solution in order to create an easy to understand text and graphical interface. The deck’s intended audience is incredibly broad, so we had to essentially ‘translate’ the process from the founders’ minds into an on-brand sales presentation for the layperson. The deck needed to demonstrate the tremendous value of the client’s service.


Turnkey service for an animated PowerPoint deck, including all copy and a slick new tag line as a bonus!


“ understood what we wanted and turned our idea into something so much more than we could have ever hoped. An amazing group of creative people, I would recommend them to anyone with confidence.” 

Steve Wigg


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